All active Relay accounts will be migrated to Distrobird by May 31, 2023.

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Distrobird takes your customer engagement to the next level with email and SMS sequences, inbound and outbound calls, shared inbox, form tracking and more.

All active Relay accounts will be migrated to Distrobird by May 31, 2023.

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Free up the phone lines, and manage customer 
interactions via smart texting

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Customer support

Respond to customer inquiries via SMS or Facebook Messenger so you can provide better support quicker.

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Automate important notifications like bill payment due dates, appointment reminders, etc. via text messaging.

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targeted campaigns

Segment your customers  and send them targeted text messages to drive more sales.

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Transactions & Refunds

Charge customers, or create subscriptions within a text conversation. No need to switch between apps

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Reach customers & prospects 7x faster
with powerful messaging tools

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Transcend email

90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes. interact with customers, employees and contractors in real-time using mobile messages.

Go Where Your Customers are

Untether customer support from your website's "live chat" by giving customers the flexibility to message you anytime, even on the go.

Retention Messages

Create rule based drip campaigns to nurture first-time and VIP customers so you can grow your business.

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Stop missing out on prospects. 150 million messages are sent to landlines & toll-free numbers everyday

Enable your current business phone number or use a dedicated virtual number

Don't own a landline or toll-free number? Get a virtual SMS phone number that your customers can text immediately. 

Get a complete picture of each customer

No more switching between support tools and your transaction data to look up customer information.

Relay connects with your back-office to show your customers' purchase history alongside their interactions with your business, giving your team a complete picture.

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Hi Jen, not a problem we can send you a replacement after we get your returns

You should receive a return labe...
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