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Increase your sales conversion by 30%, and
retain existing customers using text messages

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Communicate with prospects and customers effectively.
Guaranteed 98% open rates for mobile messages.

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Outbound Sales Outreach

Jump-start your outbound sales outreach using simple text messages as part of your entire workflow

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Marketing Automation

Segment and target prospects or existing customers to drive more sales and reduce customer churn

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Payments & Transactions

Go from first outreach to closed sale without leaving the conversation, make it easy for prospects and customers to pay you using short text commands

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Use Cases

Initial Outreach

Include text messages in your outbound sales workflow to guarantee up to 98% open and read rates

Appointment Scheduling

Schedule and confirm product demos, service appointments etc. with simple text messages so your customers and sales reps can save time

Prospect Follow-ups

Send follow-ups that your prospects will actually read using mobile messages

Customer onboarding

Add text messaging to your customer on-boarding workflow to create a more personalized experience

Customer Segmentation

Create rule-based segments and automatically add prospects and customers them for targeted campaigns

Drip Campaigns

Create a series of automated messages that'll help nurture prospects and first-time customers into VIP customers

Deals & Promotions

Easily send out weekly promotions or deals, and allow your customers to purchase the offer by responding to your message

Secure In-chat Payments

Go from selling to completing the sale without leaving the text conversation, allow customers to pay you using simple payment text commands

Reorders & Renewals

Allow customers to reorder from you or create service subscriptions using a single message