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Build better customer relationships using mobile messaging.

Create happy customers by responding to issues faster using the mobile channels they prefer. Move support beyond tickets.

Far Away Travel Inc.

I'd like to cancel my flight and hotel reservations for next week.

Hi Peter, sorry to hear that. What's your reservation number?

All-in-one Support Platform

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Customer Messaging

View and manage all your customer data in one place. See who they are, including their location, social profiles, so you can message them in a more personal way.

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Marketing Automation

Segment your customers by visits or purchase activity, and send them targeted campaigns to drive more sales.

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Transactions & Subscriptions

Create one-time charges, or set-up plans for recurring payments right inside Relay. Your customers also have the option to send you payments directly inside a conversation

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Scalable mobile support for any size business.

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Detailed Customer Profiles

View and manage editable customer profiles. See who they are, including their location, social handles so you can connect with them in a more personal way.

Support Everywhere

Be available to your customers anywhere using mobile messaging; not just on your website "live chat", or via phone calls and emails

Segmentation & Targeting

Segment your customers by visits or purchase activity, and send them targeted campaigns to Dripive more sales.

Get setup in minutes

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Dedicated SMS Number

Enable your current business phone number or get a dedicated SMS phone number that your customers can text immediately

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Add or Import Customers

Add a single customer or bulk import them to start sending messages or campaigns

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Connect your Bank account

Connect your bank account to Relay to perform actions like refunds, charges, or adding customers to subscription plans

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Messaging in Relay

Schedule messages

Schedule one-time or recurring messages to go out to customers at the most appropriate time. You can schedule one-to-one messages, or marketing campaigns.

Facebook Messenger Integration

Connect with your customers on Facebook Messenger. Simply link your existing Facebook page to Relay to start managing social conversations.

Multi-channel campaigns

Send promotional marketing campaigns, or announcements that'll go out to your customers via SMS, Messenger or Email.

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Messaging Dashboard
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Contextual Conversations

See everything there is about a customer when they contact you; including transaction history and actions, so you can respond better.

Saved Replies

Use saved replies to stop duplicating responses to common questions so your team can respond faster.

Message Disposition & Notes

Add notes and message tags to closed conversations, so it's easy for anyone on your team to respond to future inquiries from the same customer

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In-chat payments, one-time charges & subscriptions

Joyful Bakery

I'd like to order a dozen cupcakes for the networking event tonight.

Hi Mandy, That'll be $25.50 including taxes. We'll have it delivered before 5pm

$25.50 done!

In-chat payments via SMS or Messenger

80% of all customer interactions are transaction related. Make it easy for your customers to securely pay you without leaving the conversation. It's as simple as texting the amount via Messenger or SMS

Plans & subscriptions for recurring charges

Create and manage recurring payments from customers right inside your Relay dashboard. Ideal for subscription based businesses.

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Virtual Terminal

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Take Payments anywhere

Message prospects, and key in payments for your product or service right from your Relay dashboard.

No hardware or POS

No additional hardware required to accept payments from customers

Automatic Digital receipts

Automatically send payment confirmations and receipts via SMS or Messenger

Transaction & Conversation History

See your customers transaction and conversation history all in one place

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Messaging features

Everything you need to manage your customers' entire life-cycle, from first contact to marketing campagins

SMS & Facebook Messenger

Send and receive messages from your dashboard using a dedicated phone number or Facebook Messenger

Hashtags & Keywords

Use hashtags to run keyword campaigns and keep track of customer responses

Import Customer Contacts

Add a single customer, or thousands of customer and start messaging immediately

People Intelligence

See profile picture, name & social data of customers and first time contacts

Drip & One-time Campaigns

Send bulk campaigns for promotions, news or announcements to all your customers at once


Get email, browser and mobile notifications, when customers text you

Automated Messages

Set automated responses for first-time contacts, campaign replies, and payments

Emoji Support

Add some flare to your customer interactions using emojis

Scheduled Messages

Compose and schedule messages that'll go out to your customers at a future date

Lists & Segments

Group your customers into static lists, or create segments using rules.

Saved Replies

Respond faster to common questions using saved replies

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Payment features

Get paid seamlessly inside popular messaging apps.

In-Chat Payments

Allow customers to send you payments using simple commands.

Hashtag Purchases

Attach an amount to keywords or hashtags so customers get billed when they text the keyword

Direct Charges

Key in direct charges for your product or service from your Relay dashboard

Pre-authorize Transactions

Pre-authorize charges and complete them after you have delivered your product or service.

Plans & Subscriptions

Create subscription plans, and add customers to each plan to charge them on a recurring basis.


Manage refunds directly from your Relay messaging dashboard

Custom Receipts

Send automated receipts and payment confirmation via SMS, Messenger and email

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Track important customer metrics & measure your team's performance

Track Open Conversations

Track open "tickets" or conversations to measure your teams closure rate.

Average Handle Time

See how long it takes to resolve each customer ticket across your support team

Measure Engagement by Channel

Understand customer engagement by channel' SMS, Messenger

Message Disposition

See the most recurring reasons why customers contact your business

Customer Timeline & Purchase History

From first contact to first purchase, view a detailed timeline of each customer's journey

Sales & Transactions Data

Connect your bank account to Relay to view customer transaction alongside conversations