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Convert passive candidates into applicants &
increase staff response rates by 5x
with mobile messages

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Reduce candidate abandonment, and increase conversion
at every stage of your recruiting process by 30%

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Candidate Messaging

Jump-start your outbound recruitment using simple text messages as part of your entire workflow

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Shift Managment

Broadcast shift availability to all employees or a targeted list, and get immediate feedback

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Granular Segmentation

Segment and send targeted text messages to candidates to drive higher applications

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Use Cases

Initial Outreach

Include text messages in your outbound recruiting workflow to guarantee up to 98% open rates, and 500% better response rate


Schedule and confirm candidate interviews or staff shifts with simple text messages

Interview Follow-ups

Send follow-ups that candidates will quickly read and respond to using mobile messages

Employee onboarding

Add text messaging to your new hire on-boarding workflow to create a more personalized experience

Staff Segmentation

Create rule-based segments and automatically add candidates and new hires to them for targeted campaigns

Drip Campaings

Create a series of automated messages that'll help nurture candidates, as well as new hires

Shift Management

Easily broadcast shift availability and receive instant responses from interested employees

Applicant Progress tracking

Guide applicants through the entire recruitment process using targeted automated messages

Easy Roll out

Deploy Relay in a matter of minutes and start converting candidates to applicants

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