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Grow donor acquisition 3x & improve
engagement using mobile messages

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Connect with volunteers & donors on the
messaging apps they use everyday

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donor & Volunteer outreach

Accelerate your outreach campaign using simple text messages for guaranteed 98% open rates, and 3x better response rates

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Segmentation & Targeting

Segment donors and volunteers based on geography, average donation size, etc, and send them targeted messages to keep them fully engaged.

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One-time & recurring In-chat donations

Increase repeat donations by accepting payments directly inside SMS and Facebook Messenger conversations

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Use Cases

Donor outreach & management

Two-way messaging and enriched social media profiles of all your donors and volunteers

Drip campaigns

Send automated drip campaigns to help educate donors and volunteers about your cause.

Keywords & Hashtags

Create keywords using hashtags to seamlessly track campaign engagement or trigger donations.

In-chat payments

Make it easy for current and prospective donors to contribute to your cause using simple text commands

recurring donations

Allow donors to trigger recurring donations by texting a keyword to your Relay number, or setup recurring donations on behalf of donors from your dashboard

mobilize volunteers

Quickly mobilize volunteers for events using short text messages that's guaranteed to get immediate response

Replace Carrier billing

Get the same flexibility that short-code carrier billing offers without the 40% transaction fee


Accept live concurrent donations at your events and fundraisers using text messages, without passing around a mobile POS

Nurture & Retain volunteers

Retain volunteers by engaging them with short actionable mobile messages to help your organization stay top-of-mind