All active Relay accounts will be migrated to Distrobird by May 31, 2023.

Move beyond tickets. Provide personalized
customer support with 3x better engagement

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Respond to customer issues via SMS or Facebook Messenger,
so you can provide better support quicker.

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Communicate Faster

Help your customers resolve issues faster using text messages. Provide a support experience that is personalized.

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Reach All Your Customers

Send mobile messages to one or your entire customer base from a single interface.

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Segment & Target Customer Groups

Segment and target customers with recurring issues so you can win them back using nurturing campaigns

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Use Cases

respond to Issues

Quickly respond to customer issues or questions using their preferred channel

CSAT Surveys

Send and receive quicker responses to customer satisfaction surveys via text message

automate Reminders

Automate appointment or billing reminders to customers


Easily notify customers when you launch a new product or service offering

welcome first-time customers

Make a great impression by sending warm welcome notes to first-time customers

Schedule Appointments

Seamlessly schedule or cancel customer appointments

say thanks

Automate thank you notes to regulars and VIP customers

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