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Modern school communication
using text messages

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Send & receive important messages from students,
parents and staff on any mobile device

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Classroom Communication

Send important class information, reminders and notes to students, allow them to get help when they need it using text messages.

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Campus-wide Messaging

Broadcast campus-wide notifications & alerts to students, and track responses from the entire school.

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Parents & staff

Keep parents & staff updated on school activities, important deadlines and meetings so your team can coordinate better.

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Use Cases

New student on-boarding

Schedule messages that will help students quickly adapt to their new learning environment

Classroom or Course Communication

Send automated lesson and quiz reminders. Hold office hours with students from anywhere

School-wide Deadlines & Due dates

Automatically send enrollment, course registration, financial-aid deadlines, etc to entire student body

Student Counseling

Make it easy for students to get help whenever they need it using discrete mobile messages

At-risk students

Segment and nurture at-risk students using targeted campaigns to help them stay in school

Parent Engagement

Help families stay on track with important updates about their children's academic progress

Emergency Alerts

Send school-wide emergency alerts students will actually see and respond to

Secure In-chat Payments

Coordinate student activities, fundraisers, field trips, etc and seamlessly collect payments via text

Staff Messaging

Build a better community using mobile messages. Send and receive staff communication all in one place